PCS offers the following services to it's clients:

  • Per Diem Staffing - You can count on us to help you cover your scheduling needs.  Whether
    you have multiple call outs, are short staffed, or are covering a leave of absence or
    pregnancy, PCS is here to fill those needs with highly skilled professionals.

  • Travel Assignments - Platinum Choice performs nationwide searches for medical staff who fit
    the position you are looking to fill.  Whether it be a 13 week assignment or temp to hire, just
    let us know what you are looking for, and we will begin the search immediately!

  • Temp To Hire - PCS has many employees who would like to be permanently placed into a
    facility.  PCS is a great way to "test drive" the employee before you take the risks of
    extending employment!

  • Contract - Some of our clients prefer to have the same employee "locked in" for a period of
    time.  This helps create continuity of care.

  • Referral Service - Sometimes our clients want to interview people to hire.  PCS can seek out
    the finest medical staff and set up interviews for our clients for a fee.

  • Professional Scheduling Services - Sometimes our clients can find themselves in a situation
    where they need an experienced scheduling coordinator to handle their facilities schedule.  
    PCS can provide you with scheduling coordinators with many years of experience!

  • Private Duty Home Care Services - PCS has an enormous network of medical professionals
    throughout the northeast.  Many of our professionals enjoy a break from working in facilities
    and taking on a one on one home care case.  PCS can provide you with the finest, most
    experienced Private Duty Home Care staff. Fully insured and bonded.

  • PCS services: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Rehab/Ortho Units, Physician Offices, Schools,
    Correctional Facilities, Government Agencies, Private Duty Home Care Patients, Flu/other
    Clinics, Chemical Dependency Clinics and Retreats.  Wherever there is a need for medical
    staff, PCS can help!

  • PCS supplies RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CNA-Ms, LNAs, LMNAs, PTs, OTs, RTs, Phlebotomists, Home
    Makers and other Allied Professionals.
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